Sunday, July 25, 2010

One of these days. . .

my blog will look cute.

My Mo is really growing up. He is so sweet and so funny. Today he had 6 dirty diapers. Thats right 6. He's pretty good at eating to say the least.

Mo's favorites:

sweet potatoes
sweet peas
hot dogs (He's #3 and they are diet hot dogs sliced correctly)
pretzels (minus the salt--I won't tell you how we get the salt off!)
pizza crust

I made him the best baby food last night. I combined and processed sweat peas and carrots with a bit of peach sauce(like apple sauce just peaches). It was really tasty for no added salt or other spices. I think tomorrow he is trying an avacado. Whatcha think?

I haven't been in the kitchen much lately--just makin' easy stuff. I do have a new favorite for breakfast. Frozen blueberries with plain cheerios and milk. Yummo. (add Splenda of course). e

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


is so very busy. Lately, I have cooked nothing new. We just "get by" at meal time. I thought I would comment tonight on eating out and eating easy--whats affordable, whats good, etc., you get it.

First, try the new Domino's pizza. It is YUMMY. The special now is a $10 large. Be sure and get hand-tossed. Hand-tossed is the actual only "new" pizza. Let me recommend veggie lovers. It is yummy.

2nd, I love Sonic Burgers--plain and simple---just a #1, no butter on the bun, no mayo or mustard BUT ALL the veggies. So stinking good.

3rd, McD's ice cream cones are hard to beat--when the ice cream is fresh. I hate it when the ice cream is AIRY.

4th, Don't knock a Taco Bell Bean Burrito Fresco Style.

5th, Try some of WM's preseasoned roasts, briskets, etc. Hey not bad and NO WORK! I try to hit WM early Monday a.m. All the meat they don't sale over the wknd is marked WAY down! Also, try their shrimp-precooked, frozen, not bad.

6th, buy melon--now is Peak time--look for roadside stands--LOCAL!

7th, Try Oscar Meyer Light hot dogs. Not bad.

8th, McD's yogurt parfaits are tough to beat!

Well thats all I've got tonight--not much I know.
The kids are well and I am blessed.