Monday, October 18, 2010

Mo's 1.

Ok, so his name really isn't Mo. It's just what I like to call him. It is short for Satchmo. Maybe one day, when he's like 4, I'll call him his real name. Any rate, Mo's 1 now. I cannot believe it. He had a great birthday-pretty low key. We've all been puking around here courtesy of the stomach flu. E
P.S. Those fresh baby pictures of Mo--those are just an added bonus for reading this post. Yes, I know I'm crazy. (I just found them). Or maybe I'm just proud to have my computer back! Notice the size of that newborn's feet!


  1. I've never seen those pictures!
    So sweet!
    Love you Mo!

  2. why didn't you let me know you had a different blog? well I found you and now I will be eating a little better
    love ya kristen