Monday, January 17, 2011

So I am sitting here, past 10p, I need to be in bed. I want to post. I want to post so I remember the day. Lately, I've been showering all 3 together. It was hilarious tonight. Kate sitting on the shower bench, Brooks knealing in the floor and Mo going crazy. They love it. We just laughed. I only wished I had a camera and a dry shirt at this point.

I hope you eat a half price Happy Meal tommorrow. I hope you hug your babies. I hope you read the word. I hope the roses smell especially sweet. I hope you kick butt tommorrow no matter what you do!

On to food--We have discovered Nutella and the kids love it. I also have been mixing up their lunches a bit and that is fun! It doesn't have to be a sandwich every day! Also I hope you have been eating and buying Clementines/Cuties. They are so easy to peel and kids love them.

Enjoy the pics--an update--variety of recents! Willie and I are friends now b.t.w. Awesome concert. . . I touched him you know. I still haven't washed that finger. . .

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  1. I am so glad you found my blog because I am LOVING YOURS!! YOU have such a beautiful are making me baby hungry:) LOVE I am craving it ha. Enjoy hugging your babies!