Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Recent WAY fun trip to see the Lady Razorbacks play the Lady Vols of Tennessee. I loved it! Check out Airl's pimp new glasses. He is getting WAY to cool for me!

Brooks ALWAYS tries to look away from the camera!!

Eating choc-chip cookies in the floor and above Kate with her cousin-in-law!

On a cooking note check this out! YUMMO and mega quantity. I think this recipe could definitely be modified to your preference----but the basics ROCK---alfredo sauce + spaghetti sauce+salsa! Loved it! Keeping up with the Joneses: Cheesy Baked Pasta. (I'm not sure I linked this correctly so just go to and look it up. You won't be sorry!!! I'm out to watch snow and decorate Valentine boxes.
Thought you should know what I served for breakfast this a.m.--choco-pb-oats!! Yummo and so healthy!

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