Friday, August 27, 2010

Peach Freeze

I thought you might want to know what I am doing with my now 100# of peaches. I have been making this delicious peach slush-like thing! It is SO good-and SO good for you. The kiddos love this.

Frozen Peaches

10-12 medium sized ripe fresh peaches peeled (or not, or kind of "rough peeled"-which means KIND of peeled)
1 T. Fresh Fruit
2-3 oz. thawed frozen OJ concentrate

Mix all together. I usually double the recipe. You can add some sugar if you wish or if your peaches are not very sweet. Place is multiple sandwich size freezer bags and freeze.

These are SO great to pack in lunches. The peaches keep your sandwich cold and by lunchtime they are just the right amount of thawed to enjoy! (I do usually add a little bit of Splenda to the peaches right before eating.) I cannot wait to enjoy peaches all winter!

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  1. Mine are up! Anna will love them in the spring!