Monday, August 30, 2010

My name is Kate. . .

and I'm guest bloggin' for my mom. She is typing for me.

When Brooks was three he was cute. When he got presents for his birthday, he was very happy. Now he is older than that. On Thursday, he will turn five. At his next birthday, he will be six. At Brooks' party this year, he will be happy. My mom built his birthday cake and cupcakes. It is a Batman cake. He is going to ride go-carts for his birthday. He will celebrate at Pre-K too.

Satch is going to turn one on his birthday. It is very exciting. He is so cute and screams a lot. He will start walking pretty soon, and maybe even talking. He likes to climb on me. He likes to stand on me. He hurts my teeth. He eats a bunch. He loves to try new foods. He is ready to try steak and ribs and all those kinds of meat. He loves food so much, he could probably eat all day and all night. When he is one, he will eat even more. With all those birthday presents, he is going to be happy.

My birthday is in the Spring. I think I will have a flower party next year. I still don't know what cake I will get. When I was younger, I use to love my birthday because of presents. Now, I would rather give them than get them. The boys are fun to give to. And I might ride go-carts too, cuz I might be able to drive my own next year.

Sincerely, Kate.

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