Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Pool

We have swum and swum and swum. Did you know that is actually a word? Correct tense too. My kids LOVE to swim and you know so do I. I don't actually swim. I just love to be there-either in the water or sitting in a lounge chair. (Before you think of having more children, let me remind you how difficult it is to apply sunscreen to 5 bods.) Yes, I am in charge of everyone's application. I have let myself tan TOO much this year. I normally don't do this. I'll get back on track next summer. We ate at a new restaurant today. It was YUMMO. I think it is an Arkansas thing--Larry's Pizza. Loved it. I have cut watermelon, peaches and canteloupe until my hands hurt and now I will rest. Tommorrow I MIGHT have a pic for you.

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