Saturday, September 25, 2010

My dream. . .

well, one of them, is to own a small scale catering business. This weekend I sort-a-maybe launched a little. I made birthday cakes(and decorated) for my cousins and a peach/pecan cobbler for a tail-gate party in Fayetteville. Granted it was mostly family at the party but still a possible launch.
Second, tomorrow is a shower at church and I made and decorated the cake (cupcakes). I think they turned out great! I had SO much fun making everything. I have been cooking lots and lots lately. I guess I'm stressed. I cannot wait to share. The list includes the above menitioned and homemade applesauce, no-bake cookies, "green" muffins, peanut butter bread, biscuits, pork chops and gravy, and eye-of-the-round roast.

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