Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wounds and Steps

Gimini-Christmas! Is that even how you spell it? Brooks had pre-K today. I had a break at work, so I rushed over to pick him up. We have a fold-down desk in the hall at work. I put it up so God- love- him he wouldn't run into it yet again. (It's eye level).
Well, someone unfolded it and BAMMO he nailed it just under his left eye. Thank you God he didn't nail the eye! I could have cried with him. He cried and cried. It drew blood. I thought he might need a stitch, but he didn't. SHOO!

I thought I had this day whipped. Then. . .
enter Sis-limping! Limping? Kids DON'T limp. She had a small abrasion on the bottom of her foot from stepping on one of Brooks' toys a few days ago. I took a fresh look this evening. 3 WORDS--green, streaks and red. You get it? Yeah that's right. It's 6 p.m., she's infected and streaking!! So, nothing else to do--load her up and take care of it. Right? What a tuff gal she is! I returned to clinic with her, cultured, cleaned and injected!

Mother kept the boys while we dealt with Kate. She just called and informed me that while we were gone--Mo stepped X 2!

Oh yes and I'm going to see Mercy Me. WOOHOO!

Live in His Love tomorrow. . . Let Him love you. . .E

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  1. Wow. you forgot to mention all of this today.
    your kids kill me-so tough.
    what's streaking mean?